Nippon Paint

Perkasa Realty

Steel Industries

Sedcovest Holding

Cement Industries

Kinabalu International Hotel

Perkasa Hotel Holdings

Sabah Urban Development Corporation


With a Paid-up capital of RM 38.6 million has been in operation as a trading company dealing in building materials, industrial products, Fertilizers and agro chemicals since 1972. It has since become the leader in this field and has shown tremendous achievements in its marketing network as evidenced by the establishment of five branches in the major towns namely Kota Kinabalu, labuan, Sandakan, Lahad Datu and Tawau. Being one of the major wholesalers, Perkasa’s role has also attributed to the establishment of many hardware stores dealing in similar products that cater the needs of the similar products in smaller towns.

Besides being the licensed importer of the various industrial products that it trades in, Perkasa is also both a partner to and a stake holder in the various plants and factories involved in the production of other industrial products, locally


With the RELIABLE ONE-STOP-SHOP FOR ALL philosophy and backed by CONSISTENCY, EFFIENCY and QUALITY as its fundamentals, Perkasa constantly strives to give its best in establishing strong strategic alliance with both its suppliers and customers. And more importantly it has strong financing that conveniences terminal credit package and facility to its customers.




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